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8/25/2015 10:06 AM in PVP
Ryukendo Games 128x160 Jar Size
Posted By levalauri (0 replies)
8/23/2015 11:55 AM in General Discussion
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2/10/2015 7:02 PM in PVP
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Welcome to Ebon Phoenix! We seek to provide a structered, active, community-oriented guild, allowing members to meet new people and forge lasting friendships, roleplay with other like-minded players, and organize groups to serve the Republic in flashpoints and (eventually) operations, or take the fight to the Imperials in Warzones. Be respectful to your guild-mates, be active in the guild community, and have fun!

Players with question should feel free to inquire in guild chat, or directly ask Akyn'dra or Vaeris.
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Website up and running!

Ariavar, Mar 27, 12 10:54 PM.
Hello Everyone! Ariavar here! The website is now up and running, so please go ahead and make an account. I look forward to seeing the website become as active as the guild! 

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